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Sikeli Raisuqe, Alofa Tuvalu biogas expert, presented Alofa Tuvalu's activities and its plan “Small is Beautiful” at the International Conference about Renewable Energies and Climate Change that took place at USP (University of South Pacific) in Fiji from December 6 to 8, 2010.

Despite the lack of time to prepare, Sarah and Sikeli did a great job and the audience was impressed by the number of Alofa Tuvalu's activities .

14 / 12 / 10 - 12 : 40

Sikeli Raisuqe, expert biogaz pour Alofa Tuvalu, a présenté les activités d'Alofa et son plan « Small is Beautiful » à la Conférence Internationale sur les Energies Renouvelables et les Changements Climatiques qui s’est tenue à l’USP (Université du Pacifique Sud) à Fiji du 6 au 8 décembre 2010.

En dépit du manque de temps pour préparer, lui et Sarah ont fait un joli travail et le public a été impressionné par le nombre d’actions d'Alofa Tuvalu.

14 / 12 / 10 - 12 : 36

Branksome Hall Jr. School in Canada had organized a fundraising to donate money to Alofa Tuvalu last March.

Girls have been inspired, say the teacher Carol, “during our 'climate change' unit of inquiry to help the residents of two islands that we studied, Shishmaref (Arctic) and Tuvalu. As you can imagine, the plight of the people on these islands touched their hearts and opened their minds to what is happening in our world. The girls spent weeks creating a variety of items, like purses, necklaces, pillows, from recycled materials to sell to their school mates. They raised approximately $450.00 during their two day sale… Thank you for all of your hard work to help the people of Tuvalu

Carol sent that money mid September. Only yesterday could we access the 300 euros. Many many thanks to Carol Dugas and her ‘grade 5’ students and to Chris Horner who acted as an intermediary.

02 / 12 / 10 - 12 : 24

"Tierra al agua!" DOWNLOAD

Other versions available FOR FREE DOWNLOADING

29 / 11 / 10 - 18 : 37

Talofa Gilliane and your team.
I gave the message to the Toeaina Nanumea. But I think so it can be read in Tuvaluan your message was nicely narrated by Valu Semaia. She was saying how deeply affected yous and are holding a commemoration. I sat beside the daughter and I hugged her with the adopted boy grandchild. It was a very nice gathering not too overcrowded. At 2pm her body was taken for burial. The last event was the evening feast. There were pictures taken and I could not ask then, may be in the weekend when I do have some time. Thanks for remembering us in Tuvalu. With best wishes

17 / 11 / 10 - 09 : 30

I’m so sadden I cant even think straight. We had no idea Elega was sick. She was the best person we had found, as a friend and as a housekeeper. We want to tell that our thoughts are with her son Tali,her daughter and grand children, her niece Filmy and all of her family, relatives and friends in this tragic moment. We will all miss her so much and will hold a small ceremony here in Paris to pray for her. But we know that being such a good lady, her soul will directly go to heaven. Gilliane (and the alofa team in Paris)

I am very sad to hear the news about Elenga. She was such a lovely lady and one of the first people I met in Tuvalu. We always enjoyed a laugh together and I loved to play with her cats. She was also very talented at local crafts, weaving and making all kinds of wonderful handicrafts. I will treasure the mats and shells she made and I will miss her very much… Sincerely, Sarah

Some of Elega’s work on display in the “We Are All Tuvalu ” exhibition currently on at Mansfield Museum:

15 / 11 / 10 - 21 : 04

November 19th to 21st, 2010, the “European and Pacific Responses to climate change in the Pacific” conference at YMCA Youth Hostel Berlin (CVJM Jugendgästehaus Berlin).

Alofa Tuvalu’s friend and faithful support from the UK, Clemmie James, will be there, with quite an amount of the “Our planet under water” comic book in german and english in her suitcase, to display some of her work about Tuvalu and her beautiful project “Climatefriend ”

Here is the conference website

08 / 11 / 10 - 18 : 06

Here are some pictures : the exhibition setting up and workshop with children and some more on flickr
Project on facebook too !

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05 / 10 / 10 - 18 : 00

04 / 10 / 10 - 18 : 00

01 / 10 / 10 - 18 : 00

Prime Minister : Maatia Toafa (MP for Nanumea Island)

Speaker : Isaia Taeia Italeli (MP for Nui Island)

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Environment and Labour : Enele Sopoaga (MP for Nukufetau Island)

Minister for Public Works and Natural Resources : Vete Sakaio (MP for Nuitao Island)

Minister for Communication, Transport, Fisheries : Taukelina Finikaso (MP for Vaitupu Island)

Minister for Education, Youth and Sports : Namoliki Sualiki Neemia (MP for Nukulaelae Island)

Minister for Finance and Planning : Monise Laafai (MP for Nanumanga Island)

Minister for Home Affairs : Willy Telavi (MP for Nanumea Island)

Minister for Health : Fauoa Maani (MP for Niutao Island)

29 / 09 / 10 - 17 : 07

Hi Guys,
No election news yet. (…) The vote for pm was due to be today, but now seems that Wednesday is most likely - so I will miss the fun...
Anyway - the electric scooter is in the repair shop - I had taken it over to John's last night to charge (we have had a lot of rain & his place is under cover) and was unplugging it when I got a shock & a burn on my finger (it went black with soot like a Tom & Jerry cartoon!! - but is ok). It looks like the bit where you attach the plug for the charger to the bike had come loose and some wires must have crossed over behind the panel. Anyway it should be fixable and is over at Grace's place.
John cooked a fantastic meal last night - really good. He is such a nice guy.
So my last evening in Tuvalu has been uneventful, so far!!
Cheers, sarah

27 / 09 / 10 - 18 : 00

(…) We went to Tepuka with Eti yesterday for a picnic - it was fantastic - the snorkelling was great, lots of coral but it isn't in a good state though - much of it is broken & silted, but there are patches that are fairly healthy - mostly stag-horn. We also saw some dolphins on the way back...
(…) Cheers, Sarah

26 / 09 / 10 - 18 : 00

I have refitted all the gas pipe for Amatuku and the bio meter and told Mr Lee what to do. He has to put more waste into the digester for it to produce gas. They have got more pigs on the pig pen but problems cleaning it. (…) Regards, sikeli

24 / 09 / 10 - 20 : 00

We had a lovely view last night of the Full Moon and Jupiter on the same horizontal line, rising at sunset, close together. As I was walking along the road a group of children were looking at the Moon, which then was partly obscured by light cloud, causing a coloured ‘corona’. One was pointing and saying ‘rainbow’. Not exactly right but near enough. So I pointed out Jupiter to them, and Venus in the opposite direction. All this fuss down here on Earth and the Heavens just continue as ever!, John

24 / 09 / 10 - 18 : 00

(…) I was just going to pop in & see Nala with Florent & Scott after 3pm but I didn't manage to wake up because I got too much sun when we were biomass sampling the other day (it was hot - factor 50 sun cream & still got badly burnt!), so I thought I would just have 5 minutes to cool down on the bed in front of the fan..... and napped between 3 & 7!!! Ooops!!

However, this evening, Scott & I went over to see Nala - Scott wanted a photo with for his poster presentation at our university research conference...

Sikeli said his digester was up and running well.

Cheers, Sarah

23 / 09 / 10 - 18 : 00

We did a fieldwork with students at USP - doing a biomass assessment of the ocean and lagoon sides of the causeway - will be working on the results with the students tomorrow... Cheers, Sarah

22 / 09 / 10 - 18 : 00

(…) GoT is very quiet at the moment because there are no MP's here - they are still on outer islands as Nivaga has broken down.

I am writing "off-line" - so unsure as to when you will receive it - because we have had no internet connection now for several days, except for a few brief periods of maybe 15 minutes every so often (the problem with the late election results is that there were no lines of communication between Funafuti & outer islands - more problems for telecom... we still have no phone connection at the house...). Even the GoT internet was down earlier this morning!!

Florent & I had a meeting with Diana today. I gave Diana the details of what we have been doing in Nanumea (also gave an interview before we went) so I am learning my lessons about media communication - thanks Gilliane!!! Both interviews are going out on the news this evening (I think Diana was grateful for the stories as it is so slack here at the moment!!).

(…) Sikeli was in Amatuku yesterday - I have not had chance to see him yet as it has been absolute madness... Yesterday I was in a mess after staying up all night to hear Thursdays election results (Panapasi left TMC at 6.30am!!). So I had an early night yesterday evening and didn't manage to see Sikeli after he got back from Amatuku, and Sikeli was out with his Fijian mates and I think all the boys were out until around 3am!! Today, I haven't had sight nor sound of Sikeli either.... So I will see what the situation is re the pipe and the re-fit when I manage to catch up with him...

(…) I will go-ahead with the purchasing for Nanumea as soon as Risassi gets back...
Bye for now, Sarah

21 / 09 / 10 - 18 : 00

Tuvalu Election Results - September 20, 2010

After last week's national elections, the elected members of Tuvalu’s new Parliament are returning to Funafuti, the capital, from their home islands. From the 15 members, a new government will be formed to lead for the next 4 years. With one of Tuvalu’s two passenger vessels out of commission, this might take longer than usual, but the new Tuvaluan Government-members are expected to be sworn in before Tuvalu celebrates its 32nd Anniversary as an independent nation on October 1st.
According to Mrs Le Gallic, Alofa Tuvalu President, “tthe results seem to show that the Tuvaluan communities were satisfied with the previous government: 8 of the 10 members of Government were re-elected and 3 of 5 members of the opposition lost their seat. The new government should be a good one”.

Elected MPs
Maatia Toafa (531) & Willy Telavi (443)
Monise Laafai (379) & Falesa Pitoi (296)
Fauoa Mani (314) & Vete Sakaio (314)
Isaia Italeli (263) &
Taom Tanukale (246)
Apisai Ielemia (597) & Taukelina Finikaso (541)
Enele Sopoaga (490) & 
Lotoala Metia (399)
Kausea Natano (436) & Kamuta Latasi (302)

Namoliki Sualiki (148)

20 / 09 / 10 - 18 : 00

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