< Alofa Tuvalu: Small is Beautiful. Assistance à nation en voie de disparition. Assisting tuvalu, a disappearing nation

There is urgency :

If trends continue, Tuvalu will likely be uninhabitable within 50 years, its people becoming the first entire nation of environmental refugees.
Recent events around the globe –- melting ice sheets, more frequent and violent heatwaves, storms and flooding -- are evidence that major parts of our economic system are increasingly out of synch with environmental reality.
Immediate action must be taken both locally and globally by governments and average citizens alike. We have the resources and technologies to transition to a more intelligent and sustainable balance. We only require the WILL to address the challenge… to inform ourselves (vers liens) to consciously make adjustments in our attitudes and consuming habits, particularly in our use of fossil fuels… and to elect representatives to government whose records reflect ongoing concern for the long-term health of the planet.

The danger that hangs over Tuvalu is now a constant one… one which awaits all the earth’s low-lying lands (and others) if we do nothing. And it is not too late if we act today.

We are ALL Tuvalu…and the clock is ticking…